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Augusta Attorneys For Dads

All too often, fathers are treated unfairly in matters of family law. There is a long-standing bias that mothers should be the primary caregivers for a child, which often gives mothers an advantage in legal proceedings. However, fathers have rights under the law.

At Claridge Law Firm, we help fathers protect their rights in matters of:

  • Divorce — Often, disputes over child custody and support arise during a divorce. We fight for fathers' rights during divorce and represent unmarried fathers who need to protect their rights outside the divorce framework.
  • Child custody — We help fathers pursue full or joint custody as appropriate for their unique situation. When a child's best interests are served by spending time with his or her father, we work hard to preserve that relationship.
  • Child support — Typically, both parents are responsible for financially supporting their child. We help fathers reach fair arrangements for child support payments that suit their financial situation and custody agreement.
  • LegitimationLegitimation establishes a legal bond between a father and child, allowing unmarried fathers to petition for custody and visitation. It also has many benefits for the child.
  • Modifications — Sometimes a significant change in circumstances means that existing orders for child custody or support are outdated. We can help you enforce or modify an existing order to ensure that your rights are protected.

Contact Our Lawyers For Dads In Augusta And Martinez

When your relationship with your child is at stake, it is important to remember that you and the child's mother are on equal footing under Georgia law. Our attorneys have more than 20 years of experience helping fathers like you pursue fair legal solutions.

Please contact us at 706-860-4500 to arrange a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys.

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